The Where, Why and How of Writing

I have a deadline. Actually more than one, but the one I'm worried about making is for my next novel which I'm supposed to finish, polish and allow time for editing by early September so it can be published later this fall (exact date tbd). I have the cover, the outline and the first few chapters, but none of that amounts to anything unless I get the whole thing finished in time to stay on schedule. 

It's how I'm planning to do this that's causing a few issues around my house. I'm lucky enough to have a spacious home office all to myself (when it isn't doubling as a guest room for visiting family or friends). My desktop computer, ergonomic keyboard and 22" monitor and not to mention my HAG Capisco chair all should make time spent on any writing project in here as pleasurable as possible.

So why is it that I've spent the last few weeks looking into what my laptop options might be? It's not like I'm one of those writers who can (or wants to) type away at Starbucks. The only time I ever took my writing out of the office was when I was facing a nervous breaking inducing deadline a few years ago and reasoned that I'd be too embarrassed to loose it in public so I wrote at my local library. The husband pointed this out when I lingered over a 11-inch MacBook Air during a recent side trip to the Apple store. (He also pointed out that I was a monogamous PC gal.)

So, yes, I don't need a $1,199 or a white 14" Sony Vaio for $699, but I still do want to tweak where and how I write. I decided that my best option was to work with what I already have which is an iPad.

The kid and I share it except on weekends when he hogs it, but it's pretty much mine during the week when I get most of my writing done. After a little more research, I ordered myself a wireless keyboard and purchased some writing apps (with a $100 Apple gift card I was gifted by someone very nice about giving good gift cards). I did this all very quietly as the husband had stated (unasked and repeatedly) that there was no way to turn the iPad into a "laptop" because it wasn't meant for creating content, just consuming it.

Minus the  iPad, it's cost me under $75 to take my writing out of my office. Even though I haven't taken it further than the dinning room table, I'm sure I'll get a fast return on my modest investment as soon as I start churning out those chapters and finish the manuscript (even if I'll have to reformat the text on my desktop before I send it off to editing).

Work on my next novel resumes in a few days (after I turn something else in) and, as proof that this will work, I wrote this post on the iPad at my local library. I have a feeling that my writing is going to go well for me this summer. 

Margo Candela