Read The Brenda Diaries for Free

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While I still look forward to the mail being delivered so I can see what magazines Danny, my postal guy, has for me and my main criteria for buying a new purse is if it easily fits a trade paperback in it, I'm fully converted to the gosple of e-books and e-readers. They're easier to travel with and while my bookshelves might be a tad more bare, it just leaves that much more room for the kid's attempts at handcrafted presents.

I own a Nook and read scripts on our family's shared iPad. I've also dropped some not so subtle hints that I wouldn't mind unwrapping a Kindle this Mother's Day. With my new SweetSpots contemporary romance series, I'm writing with an e-reading experience in mind. What hasn't changed is the huge challenge of getting what I read in front of the eyes of potential readers.

This is why I've decided to make The Brenda Diaries KDP exclusive until June 1. This means Kindle owners who are Amazon Prime members can download and read The Brenda Diaries for free. I also have the option of offering it to all readers for free up to five times before June 1 (dates which I'll be sharing via @MargoCandela on twitter). I'm meeting with a producer later this month and I'm definitely going to pitch The Brenda Diaries as a TV series. I'm polishing a spec script right now and "Brenda" is still keeping her almost 5,500 twitter followers entertained (@BrendaDiaries).

I really like Brenda and, I hope, you'll give her a chance and make some room for her on your Kindle.

Margo Candela