New Cover, Great Price

Screenshot 2018-10-30 16.12.24.png

I've been busy at work on my SweetSpotsseries (No Need to Ask is out April 25), outlining my upcoming young adult lit series and trying to take care of mundane things like walking the dog and making sure I don't keel over from dehydration. 

I've had to put some projects on the sidelines, but I'm hoping a new streamlined work schedule gives me time to focus on the  next in my reality meets fiction collection of short stories and essays, Domestic Arts. (And a novelization of The Brenda Diaries, but that's a whole other kit and caboodle.)

For now I'm happy to relaunch Life Observed with a new cover and as an Amazon exclusive. I'll be announcing a free-for-all download day soon (hint: It'll be on a Wednesday), but I'm hoping the under a buck price is friendly enough for readers to give it a try.

Margo Candela